Eastern Nagano
Eastern Nagano Prefecture
  • Saku City

    Saku City

    Saku City is about 70 minutes from Tokyo Station. At Work Terrace Saku, we welcome everyone who visits the area for their own reasons. With a comfortable open lounge, a coworking area where small talk gets rolling, spaces for concentration, and so on, the spacious interior is divided to respond to your needs. What we’re aiming for is a “coworkation.” Here is a place where many people can share a work area, make discoveries through their small talk, and occasionally serve as partners.

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  • Karuizawa Town

    Karuizawa Resort Telework Association

    The Karuizawa Resort Telework Association is a private sector organization composed of the Karuizawa Tourist Association, Karuizawa Chamber of Commerce, and Karuizawa Ryokan Association. In Karuizawa’s cool climate and natural environment, the association’s goal is to stimulate business groups and private users to do telework in Karuizawa, and to expand to new business markets. At present, there are 25 affiliated telework facilities around town operated by private businesses, and the association can recommend a number of facilities of different kinds around town depending on the user’ goals.

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  • Tateshina Town

    Shinshu Tateshina Tourist Association (general incorporated association)

    We can propose a workation at the Shirakaba Highlands around Lake Megami and Lake Shirakaba that’s “work-centric” or “play-centric” depending on your wishes. Development retreats, ideathons, workations with your kids in tow, suite rooms with a kitchen by the lake shore, or renting an entire pension lodge are examples of the many things we’ve arranged. A WJ-certified workation concierge can coordinate quickly and courteously.

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Southern Nagano
Southern Nagano Prefecture
  • Suwa City

    Suwa Tourist Association (general incorporated association)

    Our association is involved with promoting Nagano resort telework. For a telework spot, we recommend Suwatchao on the third floor of the Suwa City Exchange Terrace building in front of JR Kamisuwa Station. If you’re traveling by car, the hot spring area near the shores of Lake Suwa can conveniently serve as both a place to stay and a telework space. Also, it’s possible to have the association coordinate for those who wish to meet others in the same line of work or in other fields. Please contact the association with any questions or requests.

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  • Chino City

    Chino Tourism and Town Design Initiative (general incorporated association)

    By polishing the local resources of Chino City and the surrounding area and using them to the best effect, promoting building the local brand and increasing the nonresident population as well as linking various local industries and civic activities, we hope to invigorate the local economy, promote immigration, and foster civic pride in being “a nice place to live,” and contribute to making this a sustainable area.

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  • Fujimi Town

    Mori no office

    While operating the “Fujimi Mori-No-Office” coworking space in Fujimi Town in Nagano Prefecture, we continue working to connect a lot of people. To date, more than 120 projects have been created at Mori-No-Office. We also accept corporate retreats, and can offer everything from recreation to group work.

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  • Komagane City

    Japan Overseas Cooperative Association (public interest incorporated association)

    Created with focus mainly on those with JICA experience, our association moved its main office from Tokyo to Komagane in 2018, and in addition to designing the city together with the local area, we hold seminars and courses where anyone can learn about international understanding and multicultural symbiosis, SDGs, and more. From this fall, we will be operating the Komagane City Exchange Forestry Work Experience Facility “Komagane Furusato House,” which involves the lodging facility, and we carry out cultural exchange programs to connect people coming from out of town for telework with local residents and organizations.

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Central Nagano
Central Nagano Prefecture
  • Kiso Town

    Kiso Ontake Tourism Bureau (general incorporated association)

    To promote the local tourism industry, we at the Kiso Ontake Tourism Bureau bring the local resources of “nature,” “history,” “culture,” and “experience” into play, and we’re working to promote adventure tourism. We maintain a work environment and provide a space to have a healthy workation that relaxes both body and mind in the kind of nature you’ll only find in the Kiso area centering around the holy mountain of Mt. Ontake. In town and out in nature, we provide a work space for a workation through nature, culture, and experience.

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  • Hakuba Village

    Shikumi Co., Ltd.

    Shikumi, which means “mechanism,” is a system design company formed in Hakuba Village with a mission of “using every possible mechanism to make a better future.” We’re the designated administrators of Hakuba Norway Village( https://hnv.jp/ )指定管理事業者
    We specialize in introducing the local community, coordinating corporate training, and supporting college project-based learning.

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  • Matsumoto City

    Norikura Tourist Association

    Part of the background of Norikura Highland in Nagano Prefecture is that it was originally developed as a “student village,” and since it’s also in Chubusangaku National Park, only what’s absolutely necessary is built there to preserve the natural scenery.
    There are no convenience stores or other useful trappings, but in exchange, the expansive untamed nature before you will soothe you, and it’s such a noiseless place you can converse with yourself, purifying both mind and body.
    In this age where it’s so easy to lose yourself, why not pay us a visit and make time to “rediscover yourself”?

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  • Azumino City

    Azumino-Hodaka Resort Workation Research Association

    With the increasing demand for diverse workstyles, it’s crucial for regions to address challenges such as population decline and urban concentration by coming up with innovative solutions. That’s why we’ve set up a website focusing on five categories: “Workspaces,” “Experiences,” “Accommodations,” “Relocation and Residency,” and “Local Production and Consumption,” to provide comprehensive information. Moving forward, we aim to enhance the appeal of this website and offer a variety of content to those embracing telework, allowing them to experience the extraordinary amidst the natural beauty of Azumino.

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Northern Nagano
Northern Nagano Prefecture
  • Chikuma City

    Furoshikiya Co., Ltd.

    Based in Chikuma City in Nagano Prefecture, we’re actively involved in city design for workations.
    There are an abundance of ryokan hotels and work spaces centered on the Togura-Kamiyamada hot spring area, and many restaurants for local food, so you’ll have no lack of places to go. There are Workation Welcome Days every 3 months, a period for raising workation awareness (in 2021, it was held in May, August, and November). You can also enjoy cultural exchange through a workation, and some local projects spring from that. A tourist train is also rented out on a regular basis to hold a train workation.

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  • Shinano Town

    Nature Service (NPO)

    We at Nature Service operate a new work space where you can experience a workation in nature. At Shinano Town Nomad Work Center, we provide the same work environment as in the city, but also allow you to relax your body and mind in nature as you make progress on your work. We provide the kind of place where, out in the clean air, you’ll get innovative new ideas that never would’ve occurred to you in your everyday life.

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  • Iizuna Town

    Canmasse Iizuna Co., Ltd.

    Founded in May of 2019, Canmasse Iizuna is a private company for the design of Iizuna Town. The name “Canmasse” comes a word in the dialect of Northern Nagano Prefecture “kanmasu,” meaning “mix together.” It also carries the hope that local people and immigrants, the old and the new, will mix together to create a new culture. We support people from town and those from outside connecting through a workation.

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  • Yamanouchi Town

    Shinonome Co., Ltd.

    IT education for students with the concept of “raising students who connect society with value,” we also have adults and student project team come up with a solution to corporate self-governing as a form of learn-by-doing education. We opened the “hiroen” coworking space in Shiga Highland in Nagano Prefecture, create projects to connect the local area with related populations, and also provide career education that touches on working adults’ views on work and style through students solving local problems.

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